New small and big features are added at least once a month. Small feature updates will always be free.

Upcoming featues

  • Fundamental data, such as payout ratio, EPS, book value, price earnings ratio, our own present value compuptation of book value, etc, etc
  • Push Notification and Email Alert on important changes in the watchlist
  • More settings for custom filters (e.g. set an account size and instrument filter for more targeted strategy and instrument selection) – Subscription will go up to 3.99$ per month
  • Include hundres of Companies in Europe and Asia (so far only US-Stocks are included) – subscription will go up to 6.99$ per month
  • Integrated mobile version (android & iOs)
  • Regular small but great updates (free)

We work everyday to make our trading journal site to become a valuable tool for our trading activities. Part of it, is to automate as much of the trading process as possible. The watchlist scans already the market for us and gives the most suitable trading strategy on the hand picked instruments. Out of popular request, we now give you access to it. We give tons of education material for fee but the wachtlist(s) has had and still has an imense work to it and has a lot of cost associated to upkeep. It is an invaluable tool to all option and base instrument traders. So we simply must ask for something in return. Your contribution to the overall cost will be very small.

The watchlist shows you our current opinion about a certains stock and what option trading strategy we think is best for the stock. This is the master list. The watchlist is thus, specially programmed for our very own trading style. Besides the IV Rank, you can also see the option trading strategy we think is best. Theses strategies are suitable for small trading accounts, too.

The pairs trading page shows you possible pairs trading opportunity amongs our watched instruments. Never miss a price deviation of strongly correlated instruments again! Price shown as well as deviations are based on price index – price of one instrument divided by price of the other instrument.

The valuation page shows you a statistical valuation of the instruments we watch. It uses only tangible assets (equity less goodwill and other intangible assets) and a straight line present value computation for companies with positive earnings (so that we are not too positive on them) and a simple lienar regression analysis for companies with negative earnings ( so that we are really negative on them).

The watchlist is updated once a day, with data from the previous trading day. New trading journals are added almost every day as well, to give you examples on how to go about different option trading strategies.

This is how one of our watchlists looks like:


Register as pro member now to gain access to our watchlists. You can also register as a free member, to get unlimited and lifetime access to our knowledge articles and online schools.


Once you are logged in, return to this wachtlist (it’s this page, also found under the menu “Trading / Tools /”) and you will have full access. Please take note that the Watchlists do not give trading advice. They are a mere access to our own personal watchlists.


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