In this starter quiz, you will be asked 10 random questions from our database. Should the terms in the tests be unfamiliar, we suggest you review options basics. Leave us some comments and tell us how you looked the quiz. Too hard? Too easy? We would love to know.


With advanced knowledge in options trading we suggest you start with topics under XXX tab. We wish you luck in learning and earning with options strategies!

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#1 Which option Greek would be having the most effect on the pricing of short to medium term options?

#2 Which option strategy is not a risk defined strategy

#3 The maximum potential loss when you make a credit spread is:

#4 Selling to open a put position is:

#5 A put credit spread is

#6 At what point will the option seller start to possibly be having a potential loss

#7 when you write an option you are an…

#8 Well known risk-defined options strategy

#9 A short put position is…

#10 Which of the following statements is true?

#11 The base price of the ODAX is the Dax Futures Index since the Dax 30 Index is not tradeable in the options market

#12 A long put position is …

#13 Which of the following factors does not subject the options seller to early exercise risk?

#14 Ticker symbol of Dax 30 Options

#15 The price upon which the options writer agrees to buy or sell the underlying is:

#16 A debit transaction increases my options trading account. This statement is:

#17 Which of the following option Greek would be negligible for a short term american stock options trader?

#18 Which of the following is not an option Greek?

#19 A credit in options trading means to have the following effect on your account balance:

#20 In which of the following option transaction do I participate in unlimited profit potential, should the price of the base instrument go up, hitting my strike and go very deep ITM?

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#21 What translates to the possible loss in an options selling transaction?

#22 A call credit spread is…

#23 Which of the following is not a characteristic of an option?

#24 With which position do I participate in unlimited profit potential should the base price sink far below my strike?

#25 How could you best describe the Risks and Rewards of an OTM Option Put Buyer?

#26 In the following transaction you would suffer “theoretically” unlimited losses:

#27 Which of the following is not necessarily an option characteristic?

#28 Generally, the margin required by the broker when you buy options is:

#29 effect of dividends on Option Calls and Puts

#30 Well known risk defined options strategy


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